Windows is not updating

14-Nov-2016 15:41

The Windows Update troubleshooter can help you to fix this issue as well.If the troubleshooter couldn't resolve the problem, you can also try upgrading to version 1709 using the Media Creation Tool.Then the final thing left to do is to go Settings Windows Update, and click the Check for Updates button to install any missing updates.When using the Media Creation Tool to do an in-place upgrade, you may get a Dynamic Update error message, and even after restarting the application your device will get stuck trying to download the files.If there isn't enough available space to complete the installation, Windows 10 will fail the process, and you'll see one of these error messages: You can resolve this issue by connecting a removable storage device with at least 8GB of available space that Windows 10 can use as temporary storage to complete the installation.

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In the case your device generates a 0x80245006 error, then it indicates that files required are missing or damaged.

The quickest workaround for this problem is to restart the Media Creation Tool, and then proceed with the on-screen instructions as directed.

However, after the application finishes downloading the files, quickly disconnect your device from the network by unplugging the network cable or turning off the Wi-Fi adapter.

Before diving into this guide, it's worth pointing out that during the installation of a new feature update, you may come across two types of issues.

Depending on the path you take to upgrade, you may see errors that are common issues that are not bugs, and you may also come across errors which could be caused by bugs.You can use third-party tools to resize the partition and make it larger (at least 500MB).