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Especially if your main memory of the franchise is that time they almost missed the flight home from Abu Dhabi, you'll be just fine. Big" and the guy from the Applebee's commercials as "Aidan." Also: Yes, this is why you know a lot of kids named Aidan.Chances are you're in college, as many of we were when we discovered .The bus that splashes Carrie is full of passengers when it passes, but after the camera closes in on Carrie, it appears empty. In 2001, Parker became an executive producer of the show.Her subsequent pay rise meant she earned million per episode.43.The first dog who played Pete was scared of John Corbett, so they had to get a new dog. The pre-nuptial agreement that Bunny makes Charlotte sign was written by a real lawyer.39.The bit of Brady's umbilical cord that Miranda's cat plays with is actually a piece of beef jerky.40.

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When she buys Berger that Prada shirt like it's nothing—LOL. Sadly, no: You won't have this much time to walk down the street/eat lunch with your friends in the real world.When Samantha runs into Phoebe (played by Geri Halliwell) on the street, they talk about Soho House, which they're standing outside.When the scene was filmed, Victoria and David Beckham were actually inside the private members' club.46.This will definitely signal to everyone around you that you've just started watching the show, especially if you're using your new Samantha-inspired purr. We don't want to think about how old you were in 1998. The point is: Some of the female sexuality stuff that made this show groundbreaking might not seem all that groundbreaking to you, especially if you caught Stephen Colbert and Amy Schumer casually using the world "anal" in a conversation on late-night TV the other day.

But lest you roll your eyes at the pilot's talk of women "having sex like men," remember: This was the pre- busted it wide open.A word to the wise: Don't let the show influence your fashion choices too heavily.