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Melinson and his judicial colleagues held court in Lewis- burg for two days recently, then joined citizens, doctors, and lawyers from a ten-county area at a special seminar with students and faculty members from Bucknell Llniver- sity to discuss the problems of medical malpractice. It's a real pleasure to do that sort of thing," he explained. "As a matter of fact, when I left high school, I was not going to college," Jim recalled recenth while nibbling at a sandwich during a lunch break in his chambers in the Federal Building, in downtown Philadel- phia. He also arranged for a work grant scholarship in La Salle's bookstore.

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In Melinson's first eight months, sitting either as part of a three judge panel or en banc (nine judges], he has been involved in more than 350 cases and has written opinions on approximately 100 other cases.

I have found that people with experience in politics make good judges, make the best judges, because the- have knowledge of human nature, knowledge of human frailty, and a knowl- edge of government and how it really works." Peter J.

Liacouras, the president of Temple LIniversity, recalls Melinson as a "super achiever" when Jim was one of his students in Law School at Temple back in the 1960s.

For example, associate superintendent Bernie Rafferty and PASA president Dan Mc Ginley — two of the finest mentors an\one could hope to have.

Every time I came across some- body at the table, it was a La Salle graduate. John Murray and the PFT (Philadelphia Federation of Teachers] were represented by Jim Binns, a classmate.

"Your new colleague is a man who possesses a keen intellect, a capacity for hard work, a high degree of decency and integrity, and a winning personalit\'," said Becker.