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Kim, Hyung Jin, author Van Sciver, Steven W., professor directing dissertation Brooks, James S., university representative Shih, Chiang, committee member Oates, William S., committee member Department of Mechanical Engineering, degree granting department Florida State University, degree granting institution An experiment has been built and operated to investigate the pressure difference and the temperature variation through orifice plates in He II forced flow at bath temperatures between 1.7 K and 2.1 K.

The flow of He II is generated with a bellows pump through a 1 m long, 73 mm inner diameter experimental channel containing the orifice plates: the ratios of orifice diameter to tube diameter are 10 % and 20 %.

As comparing the temperature increase for the experiments of the orifice size 10% and 20%, the temperature increases for the experiment of the orifice size 20% is smaller.

The disagreement is thought of as a contributing heat transfer mechanism due to thermal counterflow.

Accurate measurement of the total quantity of gas that has passed through a given section of pipe over a period of time is of utmost importance to the gas industry [2,3]. Currently, it has become necessary to weigh needs in different areas against each other.

The type of differential metering system often used in Nigeria gas fields is the orifice meter. This is because there has been a number of changes in the area of field economy and field development.

The experimental channel is instrumented with eight thermometers and two differential pressure transducers.

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The measured discharge coefficient for the orifice size 10% looks to be larger than the corresponding value for classical fluids although it agrees reasonably well with previous results on a similar geometry in classical fluids.The understanding of the actual well flow rates and other critical factors will enhance production allocation, well management and optimum field development.