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16-May-2016 08:35

Since 1994, when Congress first ordered states to create sex offender registries, the laws in the United States about sex crimes have steadily ratcheted up.

We now have what experts say is the most draconian regime in the world.

For example, while California now requires lifetime registration for all offenders—regardless of the risk they pose—the board called for restricting lifetime registration to high-risk groups such as sexually violent predators, kidnappers, and repeat offenders.

Nonviolent offenders would be subject to a 10-year registration requirement, absent individualized factors that make them appear higher risk.

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“The police were so exhausted that really all they could do was take a look in the doorway when this woman was held captive since she was 11 in the backyard,” Nicole Pittman, an expert at the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, told me.

“When everyone is viewed as posing a significant risk, the ability for law enforcement and the community to differentiate between who is truly high risk and more likely to reoffend becomes impossible,” the board said.

Yet, despite these inroads, the political will to rein in sex offender registries is rare, if not absent.

In an email to me, Brenda Crowding, an official with the board, tried to sound sanguine about the lack of progress: “The Board is aware that evidenced-based, research-driven policy recommendations which change long established practice and legislation take time.” to categorize offenders based on risk has consequences.

When everyone is treated the same say, the system is inevitably overburdened—and dangerous offenders slip through the cracks.

The Pierre Police Department assists the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation with the registration, updating, and enforcement of those individuals who have been convicted of a sexual offense and are required to be registered as a sex offender under South Dakota Codified Law 22-24B.

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