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:) I appreciate the simple things in life and am not a seeker of materialistic things.

I like good conversation, witty banter, big belly laughs that make my abs ache, comfortable silences, holding hands, endless snuggling, long slow lingering passionate kisses........ Intimacy can't be found in a mindless one night stand.

You notice Emma has a ton of pictures on Instagram with her boyfriend, and granted, they have been dating for five years, but you don’t care!These days, thanks to social media, your potential new lover’s reputation arrives before he or she does, possibly hindering any connection -- without even going on a first date.The following are the top 10 social media relationship breakers: Before you enter a relationship, you must ask yourself a very important question: Will your pictures with your potential new lover be a hit on Instagram?I regularly go to the gym and would prefer a partner who also looked after himself (but not looking for arrogant self-adoring narcissists who require excessive admiration).

Am health conscious but not a junkie and I do enjoy the occasional bad food (chocolate or ice-cream usually).

Five hours later, you have now convinced yourself that he has slept with all of these girls, including his third cousin Becky. Sure, he could be working or sleeping, but you don’t have time to think so sensibly, so you decide to take matters into your own hands. Suddenly, you notice his top three best friends include two of his exes and a girl named Jessica.