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10-Feb-2017 16:01

I have absolutely no respect for anyone involved in this shitty garbage and hope to never hear from either 'artist' again. So there you go.25 Jahre nach dem Original ein Tophit in NL und Skandinavien, aber auch in den UK Charts Top-10.Bei uns nur Top-20 und dennoch auf Platz 61 der Jahreshitparade. I actually reviled this on first listen, and it isn't hard to see why.The summer-ish feel, the breakdown, the breathing layered into the beat, those tinkle-y sounds introduced during the bridge. Just another Spinnin' Records music video, nothing more, nothing less.Most of their stuff is like that, so this doesn't really phase me.The fact that what I originally described about the tackiness and lack of passion and effort means it reminds me of my most awkward sexual experiences and just no no no no no no no no no no no no.Also that video was cringeworthy and not even amusing.An mir ging die Nummer irgendwie vorbei, aber im Dezember, lief der Song immer im Auto eines Kumpels, der sogar Videoclips abspielen konnte. It lacks quality almost entirely, and is just completely tacky.Und eben durch das doch sehenswerte und auch amüsante Video, hat sich der Song dann doch bei mir beliebt gemacht.. It felt wrong considering the context of the original song so I tried to resist, alas unsuccessfully. I was going to write this whole thing about how draining the context of the song it samples evaporates the meaning behind the song and so on, because there is no way I was ever going to find anything salvageable about this, right? It's unhealthy, like an addict going back for another fix.

Relatively catchy but the beat drop is not overly exciting. Zwitserland nog helemaal niet - und das ist auch gut so.

La mia testa non vuol smettere di pugnalarmi alle spalle.

TIENITI (Keep) Tieniti il mio cuore, non lo rivoglio indietro. Sono stati dodici lunghi mesi e la mia vita è andata piuttosto bene.

A very guilty pleasure for me at this point in time."Let's Talk About Sex" is a song released in the heights of the global AIDS epidemic and talks about how important it is to spread the message of safe sex, in a time when it wasn't quite so widely acknowledged."Sex" interpolates the chorus of "Let's Talk About Sex" and turns it into Judd Apatow-level smut (at least when the video accompanies it), removing all the conscious lyrics and making it just 'we should have sex'.

I'm just most offended that someone allowed it to happen.Because really, I don't think I've ever heard a song which is about such a subject matter that I disliked so intensely early on that I've gone on to like. It has to be the production which hooked me, just simply figuring it out by process of elimination, because there is no way it is the voice or the lyrics.