Camp for adults california

12-Nov-2016 18:54

, like common sense, needs an environment rich in interaction. Camp director, Jim Wiltens, has written several articles that reflect our philosophy. The people, the atmosphere is the most unique that I have ever been in. We are unable to catch each camper as they are doing an activity, so we encourage campers to bring their own cameras to take some of their own pictures.Three years ago I stepped out from the bus, looked around and shrugged, “How will I ever survive here? Deer Crossing Staff ach year, Deer Crossing assembles and trains enthusiastic young adults who possess unique skills and talents that enhance our wilderness experience.All have something special to offer the campers at Deer Crossing, and they're dedicated to bringing the best out of campers and themselves.Our instructors are qualified beyond the standards set by the State of California and the American Camp Association.Tents house 2-5 campers and are furnished with mattresses.

The camp is accessible by boat or 45-minute hike from the nearest trailhead, a lake at our front door, peaks rising to over 9,000 feet at our back door, and surrounded by 100 square miles of national forest. Those who first come for two weeks find themselves returning year after year. Deer Crossing is one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my life. After my third year here, I noticed a significant change in my health and lifestyle....definitely one of the friendliest, healthiest, and best all around camps I’ve ever been to.This goes for climbing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing...Our depth of instruction allows campers to return year after year and progress in their chosen skills.Our hope is that campers will eventually aspire to enter our formal Counselor-in-Training (CIT) and Leader-in-Training (LIT) courses which offer more focused and intensive practice of leadership skills. “Super good and getting better.” DCC has changed me in ways I would never have imagined.

Deer Crossing promotes depths of understanding and friendship that could take years to develop elsewhere. Dasha Yudin, California Photo Galleries Photos from all camp sessions will be available here at the end of the summer season, so please check back for this year's photos after the camp season.We're proud to offer a place where so many different talents come together each summer.