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The Final Movement The Final Movement recognizes that we are living at the end of time. We see the words of the Bible fulfilled before our eyes.Light Bearers A full-throttle gospel ministry, urgent to hasten the second coming of Christ, by spreading the good news of His saving grace, in the context of the three angels messages, as fast and as far as possible with the talents and resources God gives us.Church Beat Radio Church Beat Radio is an internet urban Inspirational Gospel music radio station.Its a mixture of ear friendly tunes with an uplifting, Godly, message.You know they are there somewhere, but you just aren't meeting them! Countless Christians in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all areas around Australia have enjoyed broadening their circle of Christian friends, beyond their Church alone.

We are very much in love with each other and cannot wait to begin our NEW life together." "This is just a short note to acknowledge your help in getting us together.Note: Several of the organizations and religious groups listed on this page either do not envision themselves as denominations or are loose associations of congregations; therefore, the web site listed might not be an official denominational site nor represent an "official" perspective of a national religious entity.organizes all religious bodies in North America into twenty (20) families.A Sabbath Blog A Sabbath Blog is a Christian blog for Adventist youth to learn more about God, church, events, and exciting things to do on Saturday afternoons! Academy List Here's a list of all the SDA academies.

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Positive Live Radio Another cool radio station : )." "I have always asked God that when I met the man I would marry, I would know it immediately and there would be no games, no confusion, no nonsense.